Voting for Phase B is now open

Voting for Phase A has now completed. You can see the current leaderboard board, plus the previous winners from Phase A below. You can now also vote for your local sustainable hero for Phase B and nominate your local hero if you haven’t done so already!

WE vote sustainability. Will you?

This is where we need your help. You, the conscious, sustainably-minded, and change-hungry consumer.

Help us find the #FoodHeroScot winners, who will receive a documentary and marketing package worth over £25K with the aim of inspiring Scotland’s Food & Drink sector to prioritise sustainability and ethics. 

We’ve had enough of unsustainability. But we’ve also had enough of complaining. Let’s celebrate the sustainability heroes and bring positive inspiration towards a recovering industry! Vote for your hero now!


Please be assured that every vote will be counted, even if the leaderboard does not get updated straight away or shows a temporary error message. Our volunteer-run tech team is working hard to get the leaderboard up and running at all times. 

As some have submitted their vote through the nomination form for phase B, we will need to do a final count, which might affect positions. All nominees will be sent an email once all votes have been finalised, and we will be sharing final positions and number of votes on our Instagram account in the first days of August. We apologise for any inconvenience cause, and thank you for your support.


*Please be assured that every vote will be counted, even if the leaderboard does not get updated straight away. We are working on fixing the automatic updates of the leaderboard. We apologise for any confusion.​

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Don’t worry. Nomination phase B is still open for now!

Nominate the food hero you think deserves to win a mini-documentary-led support package worth over £25,000. So remember to come back and nominate to help us find our 5th, 6th and 7th #FoodHeroScot winners by the end of October.

Do you want to nominate a business that has been showing efforts to prioritise people and the planet over profit? Click the button below, and add the nomination for the next phase!


The first nomination round has now officially closed, with our first #FoodHeroScot winner already selected due to an overwhelming majority of public nominations.

The first documentary was released on the first of August, followed by the next three documentaries which are due to be released in November!
Up for grabs right now are the Phase B documentaries for three lucky winners, due to be released in February 2022, so get voting before the end of this month!

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We are now on the active lookout for brand ambassadors that have a passion for sustainable and regenerative business. We are on the lookout of experts within business, food, and drink as well as sustainability.

Get the chance of joining us for expert talks, get dibs on new content around the campaign to re-share, and support us get more people behind the mission of placing sustainability at the heart of Scotland’s recovering Food & Drink industry. 

Our Campaign Aims

Phase A Winners

Food Hero #1

Steampunk Coffee Roaster is a roastery based in the beautiful Scottish seaside town of North Berwick. They Roast fully traceable and ethically sourced single origin coffees. Their focus is on quality, sustainability and building community.

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Food Hero #2

Edinburgh Food Social educates young people and communities about local, seasonal food. Their aim is to promote the use of locally grown, seasonal produce to increase the awareness of good food and its impact on health and wellbeing. Edinburgh Food Social’s work is focused on improving the life chances of people facing the challenges of poverty.

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Food Hero #3

The Re:Store is Moray’s zero waste refill shop. A shop offering an alternative to supermarket shopping. Zero waste refillery. Sustainable, ethical, helping to Re:Store the earth and ocean.

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Food Hero #4

Grain & Sustain was set up in order to help consumers make more sustainable and ethical spending decisions, and support them on their journey to Zero Waste. They have two shops in Fife selling over 500 products on refill, ethical gifts and items designed to help customers switch from single use to reusable options.

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