Terms & Conditions

  • Businesses can self nominate and the public can also nominate a business
  • Businesses with all legal structures are eligible for nomination
  • Charities and governmental organisations are not eligible for nomination
  • All nominations submitted will be taken into consideration and subject to a manual review by an assessment panel
  • Businesses with evidence of purpose / green washing will not be accepted (discretion upon manual review from our assessment panel) 
  • If a business gets nominated by the public, then the team at #FoodHeroScot will contact using the email address provided on the form sent to the business
  • Once nominated, businesses must fill out a self-assessment form which is sent to them via email after a nomination has been submitted
  • Businesses must demonstrate evidence that they have engaged in and sustained activity that prioritises sustainability and is aligned with either the UN SDGs, the Doughnut Economics or the Positive Compass model (See appendix 6.1 below for more guidance)
  • Businesses must demonstrate transparency and honesty in relation to any areas of their business that they deem to have a negative impact on people or planet and explain their efforts to mitigate this impact
  • Upon review, we reserve the right to request more evidence/information from the business if required or decide that the nomination is not eligible
  • Discretion will be used by the assessment panel where required, however, we will make every effort to communicate with the business and request additional evidence where required
  • The nomination phases are set durations, therefore if a business does not respond in time, they will not be approved if we do not have enough time to assess them. They will however have the opportunity to be nominated for a future phase. There are 3 nomination phases in total. 
  • Once a nomination phase is completed, all eligible businesses will be put onto a voting leaderboard*
  • The public are then able to vote for their favourite brand on the FoodHeroScot website leaderboard
  • Individuals can only vote for a business once
  • Employees and owners of the nominated brands will have the opportunity to increase their votes by sharing it with their existing community. Social media packs will be shared as soon as the voting period opens via email. 
  • At midnight on the last day of the voting phase, voting will stop automatically and no further votes will be counted.
  •  Winners will be selected and contacted within 48 hours. In phase A there will be 4 winners and in phases B+C there will be 3 winners. (10 winners in total) 


*FIRST WINNER SELECTION: For the first nomination round, the brand with the most nominations will get selected as the first #FoodHeroScot, with the first documentary being released on August 1, 2021.


In total, there will be 10 winning businesses. These businesses will each be gifted a support package worth over £25,000 of in-kind services. These services include: 

  1. A 5 – 10 minute long documentary video planned, produced, shot, and edited (provided by Medialiciously and worth £10,000+) 
  2. Winning businesses will have full usage rights to the video to use as marketing or promotional content (as long as credit is given to Medialiciously on each occasion it is shared)
  3. Each hero business will receive 2 tickets for either the Startup Summit 2021 or Impact Summit 2022, as well as an annual subscription to FutureX worth over £4,200 +
  4. We are dedicating at least one email per business to our conscious consumers community on our newsletter, social media accounts and youtube channel to raise awareness of the great sustainability efforts of each winning business. (provided by #FoodHeroScot founding partners)
  5. We are also dedicating a press release for each winning business, as soon as the winning documentary gets released. (Provided by our founding partners Four PR)
  6. Each winning business will have the chance to receive a full PR Photoshoot for you and your team (to be used for press purposes, and then shared with you for full use)
  7. Placement of the video, including information about the sustainable work the winning business has been contributing towards people or planet, will go on the foodheroscot.co.uk website with your logo for a minimum duration of 12 months

*Please note that prizes are not cash-based, but are in-kind services provided by the partners of the #FoodHeroScot campaign. Each partner has their own terms and conditions for the services they provide which can be requested at any point. 


Phase A

NOMINATION: 1st June – 30th June (1 month in total)

*FIRST WINNER SELECTION: For the first nomination round, the brand with the most nominations will get selected as the first #FoodHeroScot, with the first documentary being released on August 1, 2021.

VOTING: 1st July – 31st July (1 month in total)

Phase B

NOMINATION: 1st August – 30th September  (2 months in total)

VOTING: 1st October – 31st October (1 month in total)

Phase C

NOMINATION: 1st November – 31st December (2 months in total)

VOTING: 1st January – 31st January  (1 month in total)


6.1 Social Impact Models for Inspiration 

6.1.1 UN SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Source: https://sdgs.un.org/goals


6.1.2 Doughnut Economics

The Doughnut offers a vision of what it means for humanity to thrive in the 21st century – and Doughnut Economics explores the mindset and ways of thinking needed to get us there.

First published in 2012 in an Oxfam report by Kate Raworth, the concept rapidly gained traction internationally, from the UN General Assembly to the Occupy movement.

Kate’s 2017 book, Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist,  further explored the economic thinking needed to bring humanity into the Doughnut, drawing together insights from diverse economic perspectives in a way that everyone can understand. The book soon became an international bestseller and has now been translated into over 20 languages.

Source: https://doughnuteconomics.org/about-doughnut-economics

Doughnut Economy

6.1.3 Positive Compass


The Compass, created by the Positive Impact Community, provides leaders and teams with a transformational set of principles  – supported by tools and resources to guide and embed Impact. The Compass methodology brings to life these five principles (5Ps); People, Planet, Partners and Places with Purpose at the Core. It captures an all-encompassing view of what businesses of the future must look like.​

The Compass is represented in Positive’s logo where the circle symbolizes the wellbeing of the whole system. This represents the safe operating environment of humanity indicated by the work of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the 9 Planetary Boundaries. Likewise, our methodology is consistent with Kate Raworth’s “Doughnut Economics” and the work of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Source: https://www.makeapositiveimpact.co/about


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